State CPE Requirements

State Board Website:

Wisconsin State Board Website

License Renewal Deadline:

12/14 of odd years

CPE Reporting Period:

12/15-12/14 biennially

Total CPE Hours Required:

80 hours*

Minimum CE Hours per year:

20 hours

Ethics Requirements:

Three (3) hours from formal learning activities shall be on the subject of Ethics.

Credit Limitations:


Other Subject Area Requirements:

At least 40 hours from formal learning activities meeting the requirements under s. Accy 2.603 (1) and (2).

Other State Policies:

Home State Exemption: A licensee holding a current unrevoked CPA license issued by any other United States CPA licensing jurisdiction shall meet Wisconsin’s CPE Requirements if the licensee is in compliance with the continuing professional education or continuing professional development CPA licensing requirements of the jurisdiction in which the other license is held.

Carryover: A licensee may carry forward from one compliance period to the next consecutive compliance period a maximum of 40 CPE credits that exceed the minimum number of credits required to satisfy requirements in the earlier compliance period. A licensee may carry back CPE credits earned in the first 12 months of a compliance period to the immediately preceding compliance period to the extend necessary to allow the individuals to satisfy the CPE requirements for such preceding period.