Our curated course bundles offer expert knowledge in specialized skill areas, as well as providing an easy way to purchase several CPE credits’ worth of courses at a great discount. 

Grow your expertise to new heights.

With practical, thoughtful instruction, CPE is an opportunity, not an obligation. Our tailor-made CPE bundles offer an opportunity to strengthen your areas of expertise—or develop new ones.  

Mastering Retirement Tax Issues

5 Courses / 15 CPE Credits



Retirement can be tricky. From Trusts to IRAs, 1099-R, DRAs, and more, we’ll cover the essentials plus advanced concepts. Prepping your clients for the silver tsunami has never been easier.


6 Courses / 11 CPE Credits



Whether you’re aiming to become a CFO or you’re already a seasoned pro, this course series will help you develop good habits, efficient best practices, and top-notch risk evaluation skills.


4 Courses / 12 CPE Credits



Tax-free reorganization, qualifying transactions, selling assets, and more are covered in this bundle to help you navigate and deflate the fearfulness of the S Corporation world.

Essentials for Eas

6 Courses / 13 CPE Credits



Have you ever wanted more information on things like SALT workarounds, reducing client liabilities, and Circular 230 regulations? Look no further.

Be the Leader They
Look To

4 Courses / 13 CPE Credits



Be a successful leader in today’s dynamic business environment and increasing your team’s productivity will be that much easier. Fight turnover, upskill your teams, and grow your bottom line.

THE Technology Bundle

6 Courses / 6 CPE Credits



This bundle features the live sessions from Day 3 of the 2023 New Money Summit. From Tax AI to content marketing, automated advertising to the future of digital ledgers, these sessions are designed to help you take advantage of emerging technologies that will shape the industry in the coming years.

The Strategy Bundle

6 Courses / 6 CPE Credits



These live courses from Day 1 of the 2023 New Money Summit tackle a thought-provoking range of tax strategy topics. This includes a playbook for new & modern tax firms, hot topics in the world of S-corps, a special fireside chat with Jason Staats, CPA on building communities online, and much more.

THE Opportunity Bundle

7 Courses / 7 CPE Credits



This bundle features the 7 live sessions from Day 2 of the 2023 New Money Summit. These courses are designed to broaden your perspective on your professional life, identify new areas of opportunity and growth, and build more engaging and inclusive brands.


5 Courses / 9 CPE Credits



Business tax, property income, and tax obligations… we’ll decode and simplify California’s complexities. Be prepared for everything. The perfect companion to the California Federal Tax Update.