The Most Convenient Way to CPE

Meet FlexCast, your newest CPE superpower, exclusive to all Western CPE Webcasts. No more scheduling headaches or sacrifices. Get your time and sanity back.

Flexcast benefits

Pause & Resume any Webcast (Upgraded Convenience)

Watch a large Webcast over multiple days

10% off all Webcasts (1,000+ Webcast Credits Eligible*)

15% off all New Webcasts

5% off Webcast Bundles and CPE Core Collections

Use FlexCast on 1,000+ Webcast Credits

Use FlexCast immediately on any Webcast Course you’ll buy, or you’ve already purchased. Accounting, Auditing, Fraud, and Tax are some of the top Field of Study Categories represented. FlexCast features and benefits are exclusive to all Western CPE Webcasts. Use FlexCast today, and say goodbye to inconvenient CPE.



Government Auditing


Choose a Membership that works for you

Enjoy FlexCast benefits on any Webcast you buy during your membership, or lock in your benefits for a year to get the most.

27% OFF

3-Month Membership



All of FlexCast’s features and benefits for 3 months.
  • Membership for 3 months (Save 27%) 
  • Convenience upgrade to all Webcasts
  • Get Free Access to New Features

50% OFF

1-Year Membership



Get a full year of FlexCast’s features and new benefits.
  • 1-Year FlexCast Membership (Save $101)
  • Convenience upgrade to all Webcasts
  • Get Free Access to New Features

Up to 100% OFF

Federal Tax Update



Order the Federal Tax Update and Save the Most on FlexCast.

  • 1-Year FlexCast Membership (Save $199)
  • Convenience upgrade to all Webcasts
  • Get Free Access to New Features

Flexcast...The ultimate upgrade for America's #1 Federal Tax Update

Upgrade your Federal Tax Update (FTU) experience with the exclusive, convenient features of FlexCast. Instantly save $101 with 50% off a 1-Yr FlexCast Membership when you buy select versions of our Complete Collection Federal Tax Update.

1-Year Membership

Get 50% Off 1-Yr FlexCast Membership (Save $101 instantly).

All Features

Get all of FlexCast’s current features to pause, resume, and break up big Webcast courses & free upgrades to all new features.

Immediate Access

Get access to FlexCast’s membership discounts for Webcasts immediately. Over 1,000+ Webcast Credits Eligible.

FlexCast...The Answer to Inconvenient CPE

Get everything you need to earn CPE, minus the things you don’t.

Freedom to Pause

Strict start and end times won’t stop you from starting that new webcast any longer.

Flexibility to Learn

Eliminate the hassle of dedicated CPE days and uncomplicate your schedule.

Control & Convenience

CPE with fewer compromises. Life happens, work needs to be done, and that client needs a call…You know the one.

Compliance + Innovation = Convenience

We set out to make earning and watching CPE easier with compliance and expertise built into every feature of FlexCast

Exclusive to western


We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure your compliance with NASBA, every US State, and the IRS was built into each Webcast course you take and the DNA of FlexCast. See and hear the highest-quality instructors and their teaching slides. Ask questions of expert moderators in real-time and interact with your peers. No tests. Click three attendance prompts in each 50-minute segment on any Webcast to verify your engagement and earn your credits.


FlexCast seamlessly integrates into our unified digital platform. Learn in the cloud on all your devices, protected by industry-leading security measures. Experience our Webcast system, stress-tested over 2+ years by tens of thousands of users each year and CPE without tests, and easily switch between devices with no lag.


Tax, Financial, and Accounting professionals are counted on to wrangle financial information, minimize taxes, guard their clients in front of the IRS, and chart their company’s financial future. Our customers’ services are so important that our industry requires constant education, certification, and testing. We created FlexCast to be the most convenient way to CPE for them.

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Get Started & Use FlexCast in Minutes


Login or create a free Western CPE account.



Get a Webcast or watch the one you just got. 


Use on your smart device and say goodbye to Inconvenient CPE.

Your favorite experts, 1,000+ Webcast Credits, and an end to Inconvenient CPE

No testing required to earn CPE credits
Live chat to get instant answers to questions
Able to download course materials
Earn partial credit if you can't complete the entire Webcast
Watch any Webcast over multiple hours or days
Pause and resume any Webcast course
Watch a single 50-minute segment of a Webcast
Start any Webcast knowing you don't need to finish it that day

CPE Made Convenient for You

Eliminate the hassle and complicated CPE scheduling, getting your sanity back with the most convenient way to CPE – with FlexCast.

Made for the Realities of CPE

  • Pause any Webcast for any reason, & automatically resume when you’re ready.

  • Webcasts with 2+ credits are now conveniently divided into discrete 50-minute segments.

  • Get that big Webcast you want and break it up over multiple days.

  • Watch a single course segment on Monday and finish your last 50-minute segment on Friday.

Everything you need to earn CPE

FlexCast keeps track of where you are in every Webcast

Live chat to get answers to your questions

Attendance tracker built into every Webcast

Minus the inconveniences

No testing required to earn CPE credits

No need to track your progress

No need to consider irrelevant CPE

Common Questions (and Answers)

Anyone and everyone! Specifically, FlexCast will benefit professionals in the Tax, Financial, and Accounting industries. Whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned practitioner, you’ll benefit from the convenience you get from FlexCast. 

Use FlexCast instantly on any Webcast Course you’ll buy or you’ve already purchased. With over 1000+ Webcast credits, it’s easy to find a course in almost every Field of Study category. FlexCast features and benefits are exclusive to all Western CPE Webcasts. Get started today, there’s no need to wait or learn a new and complicated way to CPE. 

Besides price, the main difference is the length of your FlexCast membership. 

  1. Our entry-level membership gets you access to FlexCast for 3 months.
  2. Our next membership upgrades your access to FlexCast for an entire year. 

Yes, that’s one of FlexCast’s best features! All you need to do is click 3 attendance pop-ups in each 50-minute segment watched to earn a partial certificate for 1 credit. Any Webcast with 2+ credits is eligible.

We created FlexCast to be the ultimate upgrade for America’s #1 Federal Tax Update. Get all FlexCast’s features, upgrade your Federal Tax Update (FTU) experience, and save 50% on a 1-year membership and up to $129 off your FTU pre-order.