Northern Mariana Islands

State CPE Requirements

State Board Website:

Northern Mariana Islands State Board Website

License Renewal Deadline:

December 31 triennially

CPE Reporting Period:

January 1 – December 31 triennially

Total CPE Hours Required:

120 hours per 3 year period; 20 hour annual minimum

Ethics Requirements:

4 hours every 3 years: Providers offering ethics courses must register with the Board and/or have their content approved by the Board. If possible, CNMI ethics must be taken on location in CNMI. Until there is a regularly scheduled course, this requirement may be met in any other place by any other 4-hour accounting ethics or 4-hour business ethics course.

Other State Policies:

Non-residents demonstrating compliance with the CPE requirements of the state in which the licensee’s principal office is located shall be deemed to be in compliance with CNMI CPE requirements.
CNMI accepts CPE credits for programs offered by National Registry sponsors.