Federal & California Tax Updates

2019 - 2020

A Comprehensive Review of the Latest Tax Rulings and Changes

Written by our renowned tax expert instructors Sharon Kreider and Karen Brosi, this self-study course provides an overview of key rule and process changes to both individual and business tax law, and offers practical scenarios to help you apply your knowledge. Choose between online, hard copy and video formats. You'll learn about recent and potential tax changes, individual and business return preparation, real estate, retirement plans, estate and gift taxation, passive losses, IRS audit issues, federal payroll changes and California's unique tax issues. When you choose one of our self-study courses, you’ll understand why financial professionals nationwide consider it the industry’s best.

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Hard Copy

Hard Copy Format

You’ll receive a bound notebook of all the course materials for the 2019-2020 Federal & California Tax Update, shipped to you within one business day. In addition, you’ll also have full online access. Each self-study package includes a robust collection of learning and reference materials to help you cover the information efficiently and put it into practice immediately.



Self-Study Video

Self-Study Video

Experience high-quality instruction with our 2019-2020 Federal & California Tax Update Self-Study Video, available to you 24/7. You can see and hear Sharon Kreider and Karen Brosi deliver the information you need in a dynamic way. Unlike a live course or webcast, you can complete the course on your own time, playing and pausing as needed. Self-Study Videos allow you to complete your CPE requirements on your own time.

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Individual Tax Highlights

  • Updates on the latest individual tax reform developments
  • Planning ideas regarding individual tax reform
  • Updates on ACA and 'Repeal and Replace' developments
  • 20% capital gains tax +3.8% NII tax issues
  • Mortgage interest deductions cases and rulings
  • Charity audit issues including the RERI Holdings decision
  • Refundable and nonrefundable credit rule changes
  • Kiddie tax issues and proposed legislation news
  • FBAR and FATCA reporting
  • IRA issues including SECURE legislation news
  • Tax issues for online rentals
  • IRS clarification on who is and isn't a real estate professional
  • Estate and gift planning ideas updated
  • Trust tax updated including the Kaestner decision
  • A bipartisan IRS bill, Taxpayer First Act (HR3151)
  • 2019 Form 1040. Farewell to the “postcard”
  • Forms 8995 and 8985-A required for QBI deduction claims in 2019
  • Virtual Currency Transactions – IRS Soft Notice Letters 6173, 6174, 6174-A

Business Tax Highlights

Updates on the latest business tax reform developments
Planning ideas and examples implementing business tax reform
Changes to depreciation and update on technical corrections to QIP
Review of several 2019 clarifications to the QBI deduction including new 2019 Forms 8995 and 8995-A
Details on the aggregation election on the individual return and the RPE
Changes to the information required on the RPE’s return regarding QBI
Factors for classifying a real estate rental as a “business” for the QBI deduction
Updates on payroll tax issues including the new Form 1099-NEC
News on hot audit targets for S corporations and LLCs
Reminders on the streamlined audit provisions for partnerships and LLCs
Decision making on choice of entity after the QBI deduction
Review of the section 163(j) rules on interest deductions
Updates on ACA and its “employer mandate” including the Cadillac tax
Plus what the IRS is planning for 2019 business return examinations


  • Identify important filing issues experienced by California taxpayers.
  • Learn the details of how California doesn't conform with the new law.

Tax Update Manual Included!

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Sharon Kreider, CPA, is the most popular federal tax update seminar instructor in California. For each of the past 19 years, Sharon has helped more than 15,000 California tax preparers get ready for tax season. In addition to instructing at Western CPE tax seminars, she also presents regularly for the AICPA, the California Society of Enrolled Agents, and A.G. Edwards. You’ll benefit from the detailed, hands-on tax knowledge Sharon Kreider will share with you—knowledge she gained through her extremely busy, high-income tax practice in Silicon Valley. With her dynamic presentation style, Sharon Kreider will demystify complex individual and business tax legislation. After joining Sharon Kreider at this two-day seminar, you’ll be prepared for a successful tax season!

Karen Brosi, CFP, EA, one of the most popular instructors on California tax law, presents comprehensive and relevant information at this tax update seminar. Her background as a CFP professional and as a tax preparer for the wealthy makes her particularly effective in the tax and financial planning arenas. Karen Brosi will teach you how to avoid tax minefields with her extensive planning checklists and practical tips. Besides being one of the most prominent California tax update instructors, she is a favorite interviewee on radio, television, and in the print media, including BusinessWeek. Karen Brosi's powerful real-life presentations pinpoint critical federal and state tax areas, teaching you what you need to know to optimally assist your clients.

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