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All Tax No Bull is our new series combining insightful tax analysis and engaging content from experts across the industry. We aim to produce high-quality content without partisan loyalties or tribal prejudices, covering a variety of possible outcomes.

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[Part Two] What's possible, likely, and a reach for Biden?

There are 68 days until January 20th, inauguration day. Much will happen over the next 68 days, but our experts, Vern Hoven, Sharon Kreider, and Karen Brosi, focus on the tax agenda of President-Elect Joe Biden. 

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[Part One] Post-Election Tax Talk: What's Possible, likely, and a reach for Biden?

Join Vern Hoven, Sharon Kreider, and Karen Brosi as they discuss our new President-Elect’s tax implications. Our Experts wade into the deep end of what’s possible, likely, and a reach for Biden’s Tax plan once he settles in at the White House.

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Real Estate Developers vs. Real Estate Investors

President Trump’s taxes are big news. Maybe your clients have called you wondering how they can pay or not pay taxes like Trump. Sharon and Vern team up with Karen Brosi to discuss how developers like Trump benefit from our tax code.

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Facts You Should Know About Estate Tax Proposals

What facts should you know about the Estate Tax to plan appropriately? Guest experts Karen Brosi and Mark Seid join Vern and Sharon to breakdown Estate Tax Planning.