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October 14 - 18, 2024

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Taxes, Computer Software & Application, Accounting, Auditing

Instructor highlights

Mark Seid, Robert Jamison, Segregation Authority, K2 Enterprises, Jeff Sailer


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Sharon Kreider, CPA

Instructors Courses:

2023 Federal Tax Update (Complete Edition)

Sharon Kreider, CPA

Instructors Courses:

2023 Federal Tax Update (Complete Edition)

Sharon Kreider, CPA

Instructors Courses:

2023 Federal Tax Update (Complete Edition)

Sharon Kreider, CPA

Instructors Courses:

2023 Federal Tax Update (Complete Edition)

Sharon Kreider, CPA

Instructors Courses:

2023 Federal Tax Update (Complete Edition)

Sharon Kreider, CPA

Instructors Courses:

2023 Federal Tax Update (Complete Edition)

Sharon Kreider, CPA

Instructors Courses:

2023 Federal Tax Update (Complete Edition)


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  • 5 Days

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Day 1 - Monday, October 14

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Course Description

Quality management is important. Every CPA firm that provides audit and other attest services must undergo a third-party quality control review. This session will provide you with the tips on how to avoid common quality management deficiencies in all services that are subject to peer review.

Learning Objectives

• List the potential impact of risks faced by public accountants when performing audit and other attest services • Recall common peer review deficiencies in all types of attest engagements • Identify minimum documentation requirements contained in the SSARSs, SASs and SSAEs • Recognize how to strengthen analytic procedures to support conclusions on reviews and audits • Explain best practices for preparing and reviewing workpapers to ensure an effective and efficient engagement • List the quality management standards and guidance related to a CPA firm’s responsibilities for its system of quality management over the audit and attest practice

Day 2 - Tuesday, October 15

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Course Description

Many for-profit and non-for-profit entities receive government assistance or are required to have financial statement or compliance audits due to law or regulation. This course will discuss the requirements under Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) relevant to a variety of circumstances. This course will cover the latest in independence, quality control, audit planning, satisfying compliance audit requirements, reporting, and more!

Learning Objectives

• List important requirements of Government Auditing Standards • Explain important areas of emphasis within the Yellow Book • Describe when Generally Accepted Auditing Standards may apply to a variety of types of entities • Explain what additional responsibilities exist with a Yellow Book financial statement audit • Recall the importance of independence and other ethical responsibilities • Distinguish internal control responsibilities for Yellow Book and compliance audits • List required elements of a Yellow Book findings and publicly-available reports • Identify proper responses to a variety of FAQ related to the application and compliance with Yellow Book

Day 3 - Wednesday, October 16

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Course Description

This six hour course is up to date with all significant legislative, administrative and judicial developments up to the date of presentation. It includes S corporation eligibility and election requirements, taxable income, compensation, distributions basis and other loss limits. Although this program has an S corporation emphasis, several of the topics apply to other forms of closelyheld businesses, including partnerships and C corporations.

Learning Objectives

• Determine the entities which are, and which are not, eligible for S corporation status. • Understand the corrective rules for repairing eligibility and preserving S status. • Identify corporate income, loss, and other items that affect income, loss and basis. • Recognize the pervasive issue of compensation of shareholder-employees. • Understand the S corporation shareholder stock and debt basis rules. • Calculate the effects of income, distributions, losses and other items on shareholder’s basis. • Apply the sequence of loss limitations affecting shareholders and other business owners.

Day 4 - Thursday, October 17

Day 5 - Friday, October 18

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5 Days Includes:

40 Total Credits (30 CPE CREDITS +10 BONUS CREDITS)

$2,514 $4,190

You Save: $1,676 (40%)

4 Days Includes:

32 Total Credits (24 CPE CREDITS +8 BONUS CREDITS)

$2,011 $3,352

You Save: $1,341 (40%)

3 Days Includes:

24 Total Credits (18 CPE CREDITS +6 BONUS CREDITS)

$1,760 $2,514

You Save: $754 (30%)

2 Days Includes:

16 Total Credits (12 CPE CREDITS +4 BONUS CREDITS)

$1,508 $1,676

You Save: $168 (10%)

1 Day Includes:

8 Total Credits (6 CPE CREDITS +2 BONUS CREDITS)


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