Effective Employee Training

2 Credits: Personnel/Human Resources


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Effective Employee Training

Course Level
CPE Credits

2 Credits: Personnel/Human Resources

Course Description

The Effective Employee Training course describes how training can be made more effective, so that it generates an improvement in business performance. The course covers the alignment of training with corporate strategy, how training materials should be tailored to specific needs, and how training materials can be designed to maximize knowledge retention. The course also covers how employees should be supported after training has been completed, so that they can implement what they have learned.

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Chapter 1

  • Recognize the ways in which training can be measured.
  • Note the purpose of the training department in how it delivers content.

Chapter 2

  • Cite the components of the training cycle.
  • Recognize the circumstances under which different training delivery methods should be used.
  • Recognize the circumstances under which pre-work should be assigned.
  • Note how the spacing effect impacts the learning experience.
  • Recognize when performance support materials can be applied to the training experience.
  • Note the best practices that can be applied to training activities.

Chapter 3

  • Cite the changes that can be made to improve the physical environment of training.
  • Recognize the changes that can be made to improve the learning environment.
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Course Specifics

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February 9, 2024


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Compliance Information

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