Improving Auditor – Auditee Relationships

1 Credits: Auditing (Governmental)


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Improving Auditor – Auditee Relationships

Course Level
CPE Credits

1 Credits: Auditing (Governmental)

Course Description

Auditors, especially in governmental audits, often face an uphill battle in establishing harmonious relationships with their auditees. The inherent nature of audits can lead to strained interactions, as auditees may feel scrutinized or targeted. This tension not only makes the audit process challenging but can also impede the effectiveness of the audit itself. Wouldn’t it be transformative if auditors could turn these traditionally adversarial relationships into cooperative and productive ones? This CPE webinar course presents a solution to this pervasive problem. It offers a comprehensive set of techniques aimed at nurturing positive auditor-auditee relationships, right from the initial entrance conference. By applying the methods taught in this CPE course, auditors will learn to foster a welcoming environment where auditees are more inclined to assist, thereby facilitating smoother audits and more enjoyable experiences for all parties involved. The CPE webinar course covers effective communication strategies, practical skills for presentations, and approaches to better convey findings, ensuring auditors can not only achieve but also maintain constructive relationships with their auditees.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify techniques to improve auditor/auditee relations;
  • Define practices that will improve auditor/auditee conferences;
  • Identify useful skills for presentations;
  • Recognize techniques to better communicate findings with the auditee;
  • Identify methods to achieve acceptance of findings and recommendations; and
  • Identify the rationale and the need for timely written comments to audit findings and techniques to address the auditee’s response.
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Course Specifics

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January 2, 2024


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Meet The Experts

Until his retirement in October 1996, Sefton Boyars was the Department of Education’s Regional Inspector General for Audit in Regions IX and X. During his 35-year career, Sefton worked for a variety of federal and local government audit agencies. He is a member of the California CPA Society and was a long-time chair of his chapter’s combined committee on Accounting Principles and Auditing Standards and Government Accounting and Auditing. Sefton Boyars is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Government Financial Manager, a Certified Fraud Specialist, and a Certified Internal Auditor. He is a past chair of the Western Intergovernmental Audit …