Governmental Auditing Update: AICPA and Single Audit Update

3 Credits: Auditing (Governmental)


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Governmental Auditing Update: AICPA and Single Audit Update

Course Level
CPE Credits

3 Credits: Auditing (Governmental)

Course Description

Navigating the intricate landscape of auditing standards for state and local governments, especially when dealing with federal funds, can be daunting for auditors. This course provides an essential solution by thoroughly examining the latest changes in the three key sets of auditing standards: AICPA Clarity Audit Standards (GAAS), Government Auditing Standards (GAS or Yellow Book), and Uniform Guidance (Single Audit). Participants will gain not only an understanding of the recent amendments but also the rationale behind these changes. The session covers significant updates across the AICPA standards, including SAS 134-140, modifications to the auditor’s report, and new amendments to various AU-C sections. For those involved in Single Audits, the course also delves into the latest compliance supplements and the implications of COVID-19 funding. This course is designed to equip auditors with the knowledge and insights necessary to effectively apply these standards, ensuring compliance and excellence in their auditing practices.

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of:

  • AICPA and Single Audit Update
  • AICPA recent activity
  • SAS 134-140
  • Auditor reporting- AU- C700 Series
  • Significant changes to the auditor’s report
  • Auditor Reporting SAS No. 134
  • Section 705- Modifications to the opinion in the independent auditor’s report, emphasis-of-matter paragraphs and other-matter paragraphs in the independent auditor’s report.
  • Various amendment- AU-C 570 & AU-C 260, and other related projects
  • Illustrative report- Independent auditors report
  • SAS 135- Omnibus statement on auditing standards- 2019, proposed amendments AU-C 260, communication to Au-C 260 TCWG, AU-C 550 related parties
  • Statement on auditing standards- SAS No. 136, SAS No. 137, SAS No. 138, SAS No. 20, SAS No. 139,
  • Amendments to AU-C Section 800, 805, and 810 changes from SAS No. 134 (SAS No. 139)
  • Amendments to AU-C Sectopm 725, 730, 930, 935, and 940 to incorporate auditor reporting changes from SAS No. 134 and 137 (SAS No. 140)
  • SAS 141
  • Audit Evidence (SAS No. 142)
  • Auditing accounting estimates and related disclosures (SAS No. 143)
  • SAS 144 & 145
  • Single Audit Update
  • Compliance supplement breaking news
  • What is COVID19 Funding
  • Matrix of compliance requirements
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Course Specifics

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March 14, 2022


Advanced Preparation


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Chris Pembrook, MBA, CGAP, CPA, is a manager for Crawford & Associates, P.C., Certified Public Accountants. The accounting firm is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and specializes in providing auditing, consulting, and accounting services solely to governmental entities. Before joining Crawford & Associates, P.C., Chris served as the CFO for Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System and as the Deputy Director for the Local Government & Special Services Division of the Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector’s Office. Chris received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from East Central University and obtained his MBA from Oklahoma Christian University. He has been a …