The CFO Playbook

Being a CFO has never been more daunting. This playbook will help you develop good habits, efficient practices, and risk evaluation, to equip yourself with tools for triumph.

Included Courses:

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Strategic Economic Risk for the Financial Executive

Francis X. Ryan, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Webcast - 2 Credits - Finance

Facing economic volatility, a CFO's strategy is paramount. Strategic Economic Risk for the Financial Executive addresses the pressing economic challenges you face: from globalization during uncertainty to buying distressed assets. Learn to navigate tax planning in a shifting post-pandemic world, secure vital business processes, leverage acquisition growth, and forecast future financial landscapes.


Corporate Governance, Risk, ESG and DEI Trends

Francis X. Ryan, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Webcast - 2 Credits - Accounting

Steer your company confidently amidst evolving financial landscapes with Corporate Governance, Risk, ESG and DEI Trends. This program unpacks the latest global trends, from risk management to DEI dynamics, all through the lens of a CFO. Equip yourself with actionable insights to navigate uncertainty, uphold governance, and embrace emerging global patterns.


Economic Principles for the Financial Executive

Francis X. Ryan, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Webcast - 2 Credits - Finance

Financial executives face the challenge of navigating through a global economy marked by major macro- and micro-economic issues. This course offers vital guidance for CFOs and Controllers, focusing on understanding and managing the impacts of fiscal and monetary policies, employment trends, deficits, and other critical economic factors. It provides practical tools for dealing with these forces, ensuring informed decision-making in today's volatile financial markets, and enhancing an organization's competitiveness and survival strategies.


Accounts Payable: A Dynamic Framework for Strategic CFOs & Controllers

Mary S. Schaeffer, MBA

Webcast - 3 Credits - Accounting

Efficiency in accounts payable is non-negotiable for a CFO. In Accounts Payable: A Dynamic Framework, gain the intelligence to run a flawless and compliant operation. Guard against fraud, especially post-COVID vulnerabilities, and unlock hidden cash within processes, enhancing your bottom line without compromising supplier relationships.


7 Habits of Effective CFOs

Steven M. Bragg, CPA

Self-Study - 1 Credit - Personal Development

Being a CFO goes beyond the job title. 7 Habits of Effective CFOs reveals the top practices for truly transformative financial leadership, from risk mitigation to bottleneck management. Enhance your communication, refine your approach to acquisitions, and master cash forecasting for unparalleled effectiveness in your role.


Corporate Transparency Act

Jane Ryder, EA, CPA

Self-Study - 1 Credit - Taxes

Discover the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and its associated implications with this in-depth course. Understand the Act's objectives, reporting obligations, and potential compliance challenges your clients will face. Whether you're deciphering beneficial owner definitions or exploring e-filing FBAR reports, you'll be well-versed in the CTA's requirements and its implications for your clients.

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