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Have you ever wanted more information on things like SALT workarounds, reducing client liabilities, and Circular 230 regulations? Look no further.

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Enrolled Agent Ethical Standards: Practices & Procedures

Paul J. Winn CLU ChFC

Self-Study - 2 Credits - Regulatory Ethics

Master the ethical landscape of tax practice with "Enrolled Agent Ethical Standards: Practices & Procedures." This course arms EAs with a deep understanding of Circular 230, detailing your scope of practice and outlining the duties and restrictions vital for IRS compliance. Secure your practice privileges with indispensable insights and professional standards.


50 Ways to Lose Your License

Mark Seid, EA, CPA, USTCP

Webcast - 2 Credits - Regulatory Ethics

50 Ways to Lose Your License is a critical roadmap for EAs navigating the complexities of Circular 230. Uncover the pivotal do's and don'ts of tax practice, safeguarding your license against common pitfalls. Our expert guidance is your best defense in maintaining the integrity and longevity of your career before the IRS.

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Getting the Data Right - Understanding 1099 Forms

Mary Kay Foss, CPA

Webcast - 3 Credits - Taxes

Navigate the nuances of tax reporting with this comprehensive examination of 1099 Forms. This course demystifies 1099-INT, OID, B, and DIV, offering insights into the IRS's data requests and ensuring accurate tax return preparation. Perfect your reporting skills and boost your tax savvy with our expert guidance.

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Tax Planning for Pass-Through Entity State Tax Elections: Federal State and Local Tax Limit (SALT) Workaround

Jane Ryder, EA, CPA

Webcast - 2 Credits - Taxes

Capitalize on state tax credits with Tax Planning for Pass-Through Entity State Tax Elections. This course breaks down the SALT workaround, offering substantial federal tax saving strategies for S corps and partnerships. Make informed PTET election decisions and optimize your tax benefits across state lines.

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Penalty Abatement for Fun and Profit

Mark Seid, EA, CPA, USTCP

Webcast - 2 Credits - Taxes

Transform penalty abatement into a strategic asset as you discover the strategies to navigate the intricacies of IRS penalties. This course offers a deep dive into the methods of reducing client liabilities by leveraging the IRC, Regulations, and IRM. Learn to evaluate cases, apply for relief, and successfully argue for decreased sanctions, ensuring both client satisfaction and enhanced revenue opportunities.

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Ethics for Enrolled Agents


Self-Study - 2 Credits - Regulatory Ethics

Before enrolling in our course, you might feel overwhelmed by the complexities of IRS regulations and the ethical dilemmas you face as an Enrolled Agent. However, imagine a scenario where you are fully versed in the intricacies of Treasury Department Circular 230, confidently navigating the requirements and challenges of your profession. Our course bridges this gap. Designed specifically for EAs, it offers an in-depth understanding of the IRS requirements as laid out in Circular 230. Completing this course not only fulfills your 2 CPE ethics requirement but also transforms your approach to professional ethics and client representation. You will move from uncertainty to a position of strength, recognizing potential fraud schemes and upholding the highest standards of your profession. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your expertise and confidently represent your clients before the IRS.

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