South Dakota v. Wayfair

What Should I know?

The straightforward answer is this, and it boils down to one seismic shift in American sales tax: 
Physical presence is no longer the standard. States can now tax remote, online sellers.

What else?

We will continue to see state and local governments enact different strategies to expand sales tax collection on internet purchases—the complexity of compliance increases for businesses of all sizes.

What’s the last word?

Per the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision, we will be collecting taxes on all appropriate transactions.

All customers will be assessed applicable sales tax according to their physical location or the location we are hosting our Live Events. 

Want More Information?

Avalara, the third party service we use to collect taxes, has an in depth interactive map that is helpful and informative.

 If you have any questions regarding sales tax, please contact our Customer Care representatives at 800-822-4194