IRA Withdrawals

2 Credits: Taxes


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IRA Withdrawals

Course Level
CPE Credits

2 Credits: Taxes

Course Description

Before this course, many tax, accounting, and finance professionals may find the array of rules and regulations surrounding Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) daunting. The complexity of managing different types of IRAs, understanding rollovers versus transfers, calculating distributions, and avoiding penalties can be overwhelming. This lack of clarity can lead to missed opportunities in providing optimal advice to clients, potentially resulting in financial penalties or suboptimal IRA management.

After completing this course, participants will experience a significant shift in their understanding and ability to advise on IRA-related matters. The course bridges the knowledge gap by providing in-depth insights into the nuances of Rollover, Traditional, and Inherited IRAs. Participants will learn to accurately identify rollovers and transfers and their tax implications, calculate distributions that avoid penalties, and determine applicable penalties and avoidance strategies. Additionally, they will be updated on the latest changes brought by the proposed Secure Regulations and SECURE 2.0. Equipped with this comprehensive understanding, participants will be able to confidently guide their clients in making informed decisions about their IRAs, ensuring efficient and penalty-free IRA management.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the difference between a rollover and a transfer and resulting tax implications,
  • Learn to calculate distributions that avoid penalties; and
  • Determine which penalties apply and how to avoid them.
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Course Specifics

Course ID
Revision Date
March 28, 2023


Advanced Preparation


Compliance Information

NASBA Provider Number: 103220
IRS Provider Number: 0MYXB
IRS Course Number: 0MYXB-T-02336-23-O
IRS Federal Tax Law Credits: 2
CTEC Provider Number: 2071
CTEC Course Number: 2071-CE-1904
CTEC Federal Tax Law Credits: 2

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Meet The Experts

Mary Kay Foss CPA is a frequent lecturer for professional and business groups. She has over thirty years of practical experience advising about retirement, income and estate planning issues. Ms. Foss is a member of the AICPA Individual and Self-Employed Technical Resource Panel, past chair of the AICPA Trust Estate and Gift Tax Technical Resource Panel and past chair of both the Estate Planning and the Taxation Committee of CalCPA. She is also past president of the Estate Planning Councils of Diablo Valley and East Bay and the East Bay Chapter of CalCPA. She teaches classes for CalCPA and has …