CPE Done Differently: Western CPE releases its long-awaited brand revival

Continuing Professional Education company begins its innovation roadmap.

Bozeman, Mont., July 13, 2022 Change is inevitable, especially in an industry focused on accounting, finance, and tax education. In an ever-changing world, tax practitioners, financial professionals, and CPAs must be prepared for constant developments from year to year; however, they are not the only ones who are constantly honing their craft.

This week, Western CPE launched its new and improved website experience. Packed with unique features, the company is delighted to provide all industry professionals the continuing professional education (CPE) they need, tailored to their own learning style.

Design and Content Manager Christy Jacobson explains how the company adopted a clean, high-end, and cohesive aesthetic.

“Our goal was to improve usability and guide our customers in choosing what learning style and formats best fit their needs. The pandemic gave us an opportunity to innovate, and we’ve expanded our brand to be more e-commerce focused, we integrated seamless navigation, enhanced product searchability and upgraded the overall look and user experience of our site,” Jacobson said.

The company released the first phase of its website redesign. Customers can now experience America’s #1 Federal Tax Update with a modern, comprehensive homepage featuring New CPE Arrivals Trending CPE Courses, CPE Travel, Bestsellers, and Instructor Spotlight.

Future rollouts will display updated CPE course pages allowing for easier navigation, as well as various topic pages allowing customers to choose their desired courses by category, learning format, and popularity.

Director of Software Engineering Mark Hayward expanded on his perspective during the development.

“The ease of use provided by our rebranding has made me excited for its launch. We completely redesigned the navigation, home page, and added new category pages. This has made courses easier to find and improved the experience of using Western CPE as your continued education provider,” said Hayward.

Countless hours were spent on the company’s website and platform transformation. The Western CPE Revenue Team, headed by Executive Vice President of Revenue Nick Fuller, used their knowledge and collaboration with other internal departments to create a thoughtful user experience centered around customer pain points, helping them gain every educational advantage available.  

“My team inspires me to grind harder each day to make our customers the focal point for every change and innovation we push. We start with our customers and work backward, helping us constantly innovate down to the smallest details because we know every tax dollar saved and penny accounted for matters to their clients,” Fuller stated.

He expands on his approach to the redesign by discussing the consumers — Financial and Accounting professionals are counted on to wrangle your financial information, minimize your taxes, guard you in front of the IRS, and chart your company’s financial future. The services our customers offer are so important that our industry requires constant education, certification, and testing.

“Every CPE course we develop, from our industry-leading Federal Tax Update to a State Ethics course for Georgia CPAs is obsessed over. We’re not going to just evolve to evolve, but we will ensure our CPE experience is smarter, easier, and gives more to our customers…And we’re just getting started.”

Customers can expect to see Western CPE’s website changes over the next couple of weeks as they transition into their revived design. The leading CPE provider will also begin its content revamp for tax professionals, experts, and clients as one. This company’s growing innovations may just continue to set them apart from other continuing professional education companies for years to come.

As for other upcoming releases, the company will launch their 2022-2023 Federal Tax Update Pre-Sale in late July, but it doesn’t end there.

Western CPE will introduce the next iteration of its Webcast learning platform prioritizing on-demand, convenient, and interactive courses. Built for all learning types, the latest iteration will expand its industry-leading content CPE abilities giving every professional unrivaled consistency, expert instruction, with unmatched flexibility.

The next evolution can be expected to launch in late July or early August 2022.



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Written by: Enya Spicer

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