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Lutz Members!

This page is exclusive to your company and gives you direct access to your FTU Virtual Seminar

Key Details:
  • Your virtual seminar is scheduled for November 19, 2020
  • You’ll receive four credits for the morning session and four credits for the afternoon session for a total of eight credits.
  • You’ll need to maintain 70% attendance for the morning and afternoon sessions to receive all eight credits.
  • You need to register to access your FTU Virtual Seminar and receive the manual.
  • If you're having difficulty, you can utilize your group's discount code, LUTZ19-FTU
  • If you need anything or have questions, please reach out to
Question and Answer Details:
  • No Registration Required
  • The Q&A room will open on November 19, 2020, at 8:00 AM so that you can submit your questions to Sharon, Vern, and Western CPE.
  • Link to join Q&A Room:
Key Times for the Virtual Seminar:
  • 8:00 AM – Start time
  • 11:50 PM – 12:10 PM – 20 min. Lunch Break
  • 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM – 30 min. Question and Answer Session with Sharon and Vern
  • 4:30 PM – End time

Note: Our innovative webcast platform automatically schedules in ten-minute breaks after every fifty-minute session.