Cost Segregation Authority

Cost Segregation Authority was first established in 2006 at the infancy of modern cost segregation services. It was founded in large part by a father and son team who had spent their career in the construction industry and became passionate about the tax-saving strategies associated with real estate investments. This family culture has stayed with us for over a decade and we endeavor to keep it this way for generations.

A key milestone in our growth was the separation from a CPA firm in 2015. Our practice does one thing only—cost segregation.

You will find most cost segregation firms are full-time CPA firms or offer a dozen other services to maintain their margins. At Cost Segregation Authority our focus is exactly as our name implies. Hence, if you are a CPA or other tax advisor, you don’t have to worry about losing any tax return or other consulting revenue when introducing us to your clients. Our goal is to make you look good by performing the most accurate and tax-saving study possible. We are the good news in your practice and your partnership is paramount to our success.



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Steve Ruf

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