Tackle Tax Reform 2018

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

8:00am – 3:30pm

Bozeman, Montana


Hurry up, limited seats available!

Get the most comprehensive, informative tax reform information at our one-day 2018 Tax Reform Seminar in Bozeman, Montana on August 22, 2018. Find ANSWERS to your questions, and your client's questions, on how tax reform impacts his or her taxes in our one-day Tax Reform Seminar.

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Price: $269 $239


CPE: 8 Credits

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Vern Hoven, CPA, MT

Western CPE

Sharon Kreider, CPA

Western CPE



1. What are the 50 most important individual Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2018 changes?
2. Learn over 50 new individual tax planning ideas after tax reform!
3. Will each of your clients pay more, or less, taxes after tax reform?
4. Know how kiddie tax increases equal 10 times more tax in 2018. And most trust administrators have no idea!
5. Does your client know how the increase in standard deduction will impact their tax return?
6. When will the loss of personal exemptions increase your client’s taxes?
7. Will the family tax credit make up for the loss of the personal exemptions?
8. Will the limit on the SALT deduction mean fewer of your clients will itemize?
9. When will the changes to the mortgage interest deduction hurt homeowners?
10. What happens when homeowners refinance acquisition debt after Dec. 15, 2017?
11. What do homeowners do after the repeal of the home equity debt?
12. How will your clients avoid the loss of his or her unreimbursed employee business expenses (Form 2106)? Your client should an action plan now!
13. How does the repeal of tax-free exchanges affect your clients? Cost seg. studies are more important now! Learn why.
14. Are investors hurt by tax reform? (Not with proper advance planning!)
15. Are retirees hurt by tax reform? Probably.
16. Are real estate rentals helped by tax reform? Some are!
17. Is estate planning unnecessary?
18. What do your divorcing clients, and divorce attorneys, do now that alimony isn’t deductible or taxable?
19. Your materials include 5 comprehensive examples that compare a client’s 2017 tax to her or his 2018 taxes!

FOR BUSINESS TAX CLIENTS (click to expand)

1. What are the 50 most important business Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2018 changes?
2. Learn over 50 new business tax planning ideas after tax reform!
3. Find answers to your client’s questions on the new 20% Qualified Business Income deduction.
4. Do you know who benefits, and doesn’t benefit, from the 20% QBI deduction?
5. Understand how the three QBI deduction limitations work!
6. What is the best entity for your client to choose after the 20% QBI deduction?
7. Is the sole proprietorship the right choice for some clients?
8. Is an LLC better than an S corporation?
9. Will converting to a closely-held C corporation reduce taxes? Most likely not!
10. How does the §179 expensing deduction and 100% bonus depreciation change business purchases!
11. Our clients must separate entertainment expenses from business meals now! Why?
12. Most luxury car depreciation is no longer limited. Great!
13. How has the NOL deduction been limited?
14. Can business losses be too big to use? Tragically, yes!
15. Does the new family leave credit benefit individuals? Businesses? Yes, to both.

Your material includes six client letters you can use immediately!

Details: 2018 Tax Reform Seminar


Congress and the President's historic changes to the US Tax Code (TCJA) are now law. This extensive legislation has profound effects on businesses and individuals alike and has prompted a flood of tax-related questions. CPAs and Tax professionals need to be ready now to address clients' tax concerns and provide accurate, up-to-date advice going forward.

Join Western CPE's renowned tax experts as they navigate the most pressing and complex aspects of the law. This workshop/seminar is a must for any tax professional looking to become familiar with the key provisions of this sweeping new tax legislation.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the basics of the new tax reform law (Tax Cut & Jobs Act or TCJA).
  • Identify the new individual and business tax rates.
  • Cite the changes to various categories of itemized deductions.
  • Recall the complexities of the Qualified Business Income deduction and determine how it replaces corporate AMT.
  • Indicate the impact of the tax law on methods of accounting.
  • Recognize how the new tax law requires stock options to be treated (section 83(i)).
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