Fraud: Ensuring Integrity in Financial Reporting

6 Credits: Accounting


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Fraud: Ensuring Integrity in Financial Reporting

Course Level
CPE Credits

6 Credits: Accounting

Course Description

Accounting for Investments is a detailed course designed to navigate the intricate aspects of managing and accounting for various investment types. The course features an in-depth analysis of investment classifications and the accounting practices for each, addressing key transactions such as purchases, impairments, and sales. Participants will benefit from a clear understanding of the rules for unrealized gains and losses, equity method recordation, and investment accounting in nonprofit environments. The course also provides practical insights into investment control, including comprehensive discussions on investment procedures and policies, and the potential risks involved. By focusing on these critical areas, the course empowers professionals with the necessary skills to manage investments effectively, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and enhancing the financial integrity of their organizations.

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify techniques used to manipulate a company’s financials
  • Recognize common financial reporting issues
  • Recognize measurement and recognition of employee stock-based compensation
  • Identify regulations that protect investors from unethical business practices
  • Recognize how Sarbanes Oxley Act improves corporate behavior and enhances audit quality
  • Identify laws that govern social responsibilities of business
  • Recognize the role of good corporate governance in protecting shareholder value
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Course Specifics

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Revision Date
September 22, 2022

There are no prerequisites.

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Compliance Information

NASBA Provider Number: 103220
Qualifies for CA Fraud: Yes
Qualifies for CA Fraud Credits: 3

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