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2022 Partnership K-2 & K-3 Exceptions and Basic Filing Domestic Partnership: Little or No Foreign Activity

Jane Ryder, EA, CPA

Webcast - 1 Credits - Taxes

Navigating the complexities of the latest IRS 2022 compliance instructions for Schedules K-2 & K-3 can be daunting for tax professionals. The new changes, including two exceptions to filing, pose intricate challenges and lack the hoped-for practitioner-friendly approach. Without the transition relief available in 2021, tax professionals are facing a tightrope walk of compliance and client communication intricacies.

“2022 Partnership K-2 & K-3 Exceptions and Basic Filing Domestic Partnership: Little or No Foreign Activity” is a course tailored to guide you through these turbulent changes. It offers a thorough review and practical analysis of the new exceptions, highlighting their timing and usage challenges. This course provides insights into managing the increased compliance exposure and client correspondence effectively. It equips you with strategies to develop efficient proforma entries, specifically for domestic partnerships with minimal foreign activity, maximizing the use of your tax software and saving time. Transform confusion into clarity and ensure your practice is adeptly aligned with the latest IRS mandates.

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S Corps Special: 2022 Hot Topics

Sharon Kreider, CPA, Robert W. Jamison, CPA, Ph.D.

Webcast - 1 Credits - Taxes

For tax, accounting, and finance professionals, navigating the complexities of S Corporations can often feel like a maze of regulations and evolving legislative changes. The challenge lies not only in staying updated with the new items in S Corp returns but also in understanding the intricate balance of formalities, operating agreements, and the critical elements of Form 2553. These areas are fraught with potential pitfalls and advantages that can significantly impact your clients’ business operations and tax liabilities. Without a deep understanding of these aspects, professionals risk offering advice that may not fully leverage the benefits or mitigate the drawbacks of S Corp structures.

This online Webcast CPE course, led by Western CPE’s Tax Authority, Sharon Kreider, CPA, and S Corps SME, Bob Jamison, CPA, Ph.D., provides an insightful solution to these challenges. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the new items in S Corp returns, the high-level benefits and drawbacks of formality, and the crucial aspects of operating agreements. The course also delves into the advantages and pitfalls of Form 2553, along with the latest in S Corp-related legislation, including FICA and Medicare. By equipping you with this knowledge, the course ensures you’re well-prepared to navigate the nuances of America’s most popular corporate structure, enhancing your advisory capabilities and ensuring the best outcomes for your clients.

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