Tax Planning for Pass-Through Entity State Tax Elections: Federal State and Local Tax Limit (SALT) Workaround

2 Credits: Taxes


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Tax Planning for Pass-Through Entity State Tax Elections: Federal State and Local Tax Limit (SALT) Workaround

Course Level
CPE Credits

2 Credits: Taxes

Course Description

In today’s complex tax landscape, navigating the federal tax saving opportunities for pass-through entities presents a significant challenge for S corps, partnerships, and LLCs. The limitation on state and local tax (SALT) deductions has further complicated this scenario, making it difficult for many businesses to maximize their tax benefits. Jane Ryder, EA, CPA, addresses these issues in a comprehensive class focused on state pass-through entity tax (PTET) elections and the SALT workaround.

This online CPE webcast course offers an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of State PTET Elections, who can leverage the PTET State SALT Workarounds, and the state treatment of PTET payments. You will learn about the timing for making PTET elections and payments, how individual partners or members can opt-out, and the allocation of PTET Payments. Jane Ryder’s expert guidance will provide you with the knowledge to implement tax planning strategies for PTET Credits effectively, and understand the federal and state tax benefits these elections offer. This session is an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to optimize tax savings for pass-through entities under the current legislation.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Fundamentals of State PTET Elections;
  • Who may or may not use the PTET State SALT Workarounds;
  • State treatment of PTET payments;
  • Timing of PTET elections and/or payments for valid PTET Elections;
  • Individual partners, shareholders, or LLC members opt out;
  • Form 1065, federal Schedule K-1: Federal deduction for pass-through K-1 income for PTET stat tax;
  • Allocating PTET Payments;
  • Tax Planning for PTET Credits; and
  • Federal & State Tax Benefits of PTET Elections.
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Course Specifics

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January 9, 2023


Advanced Preparation


Compliance Information

NASBA Provider Number: 103220
IRS Provider Number: 0MYXB
IRS Course Number: 0MYXB-T-02308-23-O
IRS Federal Tax Law Credits: 2
CTEC Provider Number: 2071
CTEC Course Number: 2071-CE-1877
CTEC Federal Tax Law Credits: 2

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Meet The Experts

Jane Ryder, EA, CPA is the owner of Brass Tax Ryder Professional Group, Inc., a full service tax and accounting firm. Brass Tax (not affiliated with Brass Tax Presentations) has been providing tax and accounting services since 1980. Jane received a BS in Business Administration (Accounting) from SDSU and is currently licensed with the California State Board of Accountancy and with the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent. Brass Tax is a business centric practice, preparing and consulting on the preparation of Corporations, S-corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships, and Trusts. She also specializes in IRS and state agencies collection problems, payment …