Creating Dynamic and Interactive Charts with Excel

2 Credits: Computer Software & Applications


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Creating Dynamic and Interactive Charts with Excel

Course Level
CPE Credits

2 Credits: Computer Software & Applications

Course Description

This course walks you through setting up Excel charts so they update automatically as data in entered into the worksheet.  In addition, to discussing self-expanding charts, it also covers how to specify the number of data points to display in a chart.  For example, you may only want the last rolling six months of data  to display, in the chart, as you add  new data each month.  Linking a chart title to a cell and creating a spinner control is also discussed.  This eBook walks you through the process step by step and then includes practice exercise for each topic as well as answer files.
This EBook covers:
  • Creating Range Names in a SERIES formula
  • Using OFFSET and COUNTA functions for charting purposes
  • Discusses other COUNT functions
  • Shows how to create Self-Expanding Charts
  • Shows how to displaying the last x number of data points
  • Selecting a beginning and ending point for a data series
  • Creating and using Spinners
  • Linking a Chart Title to a Cell
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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different types of cell references, noting their purpose and usage;
  • Recognize the steps needed to create the components of range names and named formulas, noting common types of errors;
  • Identify the different COUNT functions, noting their syntax and usage;
  • Recognize the syntax and usage of the SERIES, OFFSET, and COUNTA functions in creating dynamic charts that automatically update;
  • Recognize the concept of input cells and how to apply them;
  • Recognize the steps needed to link a chart title to a cell so that a chart title automatically updates; and
  • Recognize the steps needed to create a spinner or scroll box.
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Course Specifics

Course ID
Revision Date
November 29, 2022

An advanced knowledge of Excel is assumed. You need to be familiar with functions and have an understanding of absolute and relative cell references. This course was written for Excel 2019 and Microsoft Office 365 users; however, users of earlier versions should have absolutely no difficulty.

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