Webcasts FAQ

Do you offer any buy-in-bulk or group discounts for webcasts?

Yes, you can purchase 24 or 40 CPE credits at a discount with our Webcast Pass and save significantly.

If you would like to purchase webcast CPE credits for a group of people in your firm or organization, please call 800.822.4194 and speak with a member of our Customer Care team.

Can I use my Self-Study Pass or Self-Study + Webcast Pass for any self-study or webcast course?

Self-Study or Self-Study + Webcast Passes can be used to access most courses. All Tax Update courses are excluded for these Passes. To include access to Federal Tax Update, Federal & California Tax Update, or Mid-Year Tax Update courses, purchase the Tax Update PLUS Pass.

How do I access a webcast once I’ve registered?

One hour prior to your webcast, youll receive an email reminder with information about your webcast session. This email will include a link on the right side that says “Join Webcast.” Clicking the “Join Webcast” link will automatically load the webcast into your browser. It’s that simple! You may also access the webcast through your Western CPE account. First, go to www.westerncpe.com. At the top right side of the page, click “LOG IN.” On the next page, enter your email and password. At the top right-hand side of the page, click the “My CPE” tab from the “My Account” drop-down menu. This will direct you to the webcasts for which you’re registered. Select your course and click on the title. Click on the globe icon at the bottom of the page to enter the webcast.

If you have any difficulties, please call our office at 800.822.4194. 

When and how will I receive my certificate of completion for a webcast?

Your certificate of completion will be automatically emailed to you within 1 business day of successful completion of the webcast. If you don’t receive a certificate within a week, but believe you successfully completed the webcast, please contact our office at 800.822.4194 or email webcasts@westerncpe.com. Once certificates have been issued, you can also access them on your Western CPE customer account after 1 business day. After you log in to your account, hover over the “My Account” tab in the top right, then click on “My CPE” from the drop-down menu. The courses active on your account should appear below, along with a certificate link for download. Click the certificate link to access your certificate.

Do all your webcasts qualify for my conference Bonus CPE credits?

No. The following are excluded: Federal Tax Update and Federal & California Tax Update webcasts; webcasts by Karen Brosi, Claudia Hill, Vern Hoven, Sharon Kreider, and Robert McKenzie; and other “premier” courses.

What kind of CPE credits will I receive?

Webcasts provide group Internet-based CPE credits. NASBA fields of study (categories) for each webcast are listed in the Course Overview section. See the Compliance Information section of each webcast to learn the category under which credits are registered. Please note that blank fields indicate that the course does not quality for those categories.   

Will my state board of accountancy accept webcast CPE credits? 

Western CPE is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a member of the Registry; as such, our CPE credits are accepted in all 50 states. However, CPE credits in different states may vary, so please check with your state board.

New York and Texas require sponsors to individually register with their state as continuing education sponsors. We’re registered sponsors in New York (sponsor ID 001353) and Texas (sponsor ID 006477).

Our IRS enrolled agents sponsor ID is OMYXB. 

The New Jersey State Board of Accountancy lists only New Jersey-approved providers on its website. NASBA providers are not required to register with the State Board and thus will not be listed. Western CPE, as a NASBA provider, is accepted by the New Jersey State Board; however, our webcasts are not considered “didactic instruction.” They will count toward a New Jersey CPA’s total CPE requirement, but not toward the New Jersey 60-hour didactic minimum.

Will I be required to take an exam?

There is no final exam. NASBA requires group Internet-based programs to use a monitoring mechanism to verify participation during the duration of the webcast. 

Can several people watch a webcast on the same computer?

Several people can view a webcast as a group via a single computer and an LCD projector or a big-screen monitor, but they need to contact Western CPE’s Customer Care at 800.822.4194 prior to the webcast to ensure all participants have registered for the webcast and they have a designated proctor. Each participant must pay for the webcast. 

The designated proctor must be present during the webcast to verify participant attendance. A registered participant from the proctored group will need to log in to the webcast and confirm the attendance for the group. The proctor will need to complete an attendance roster, which the proctor will receive by email prior to the webcast. Upon completion of the webcast, the proctor must email the attendance roster back to Western CPE before certificates of completion can be awarded. 

Proctors don’t earn CPE credits. You must have a group of two or more people registered to use the proctor method. If you’re not using the proctor method, each attendee must view the webcast on his or her own computer. Attendance is verified through participation pop-ups or polling questions that take place throughout the webcast. Therefore, each person must be logged in on an individual computer in order to confirm his or her participation and to receive CPE credits. If you dont register before the webcast as a proctored group, you cannot receive credit by signing a proctor form after the program is over.

What happens if I fail a webcast?

“Failure” means you failed to verify your attendance 70% of the time, but individual state requirements may vary. If you fail a webcast, you will not receive a refund; however, you may take another webcast worth the same number of CPE credits within the same calendar year. Western CPE will make every effort to award a reasonable and fair makeup webcast at no additional charge. Please call 800.822.4194 to schedule your makeup webcast. 

How is my attendance confirmed during a webcast?

To confirm your attendance, and in order to receive CPE credit for a webcast, you must sign in no later than the scheduled start time to participate in attendance pop-ups. Once youre signed in to the webcast, our attendance-monitoring system verifies participation during the webcast in the form of pop-ups. Your certificate of completion is issued based on your participation.

What happens if I fail a Federal & California Tax Update webcast?

If you fail a Federal & California Tax Update webcast, you will not receive a refund; however, you may attend another Federal & California Tax Update webcast or a Federal & California Tax Update seminar. “Failure” means you failed to verify your attendance 70% of the time, but some state requirements vary. If there isnt another Federal & California Tax Update webcast available within the same calendar year, you may attend any other webcast within the year of your original webcast. Please call 800.822.4194 to schedule your makeup webcast. This offer does not apply toward attendance at a live Federal & California Tax Update seminar.

You must attend all webcast sessions to receive CLE credits.

Nothing happens when I click the webcast link in the email. What should I do?

If you’re unable to begin your course, you may want to check to see if you have a pop-up blocker turned on. If your pop-up blocker is turned off and you still arent able to view a course, you may not have the necessary software installed or your system might not meet the minimum system requirements. Please read the system requirements below and, if necessary, check with your IT administrator. Please call Western CPE at 800.822.4194 for further assistance.

Why am I getting a message that tells me I can’t connect to the server?

The first thing to do is check your Internet connection. If your connection is working, you, your organization, or location’s network might have Internet security policy that might be preventing your computer from accessing our webcast service. Disabling or bypassing firewalls can be somewhat complicated—please check with your IT administrator for details on how to resolve this issue.

I’m having trouble with my Internet connection. What should I do?

There can be many reasons for this. We recommend you not use Wi-Fi (wireless) or dial-up connections when accessing webcasts through our system. Check all your cables, close down all browser windows, and try again. If you’re still having difficulty with your Internet connection, please contact your network administrator.

How do I get Adobe Flash for my computer?

You can download the required Flash players by going to the Flash and Adobe links and downloading them. Be sure to uncheck the “Install Yahoo Toolbar” box during the installation process. Click on the “Install Now” button. After downloading the Flash players, close your Internet browser and open a new one.

What browsers do you support?

We currently support the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. You can use these browsers on either a Windows or Macintosh platform.

We are currently unable to support webcasts on mobile devices.

I can’t hear the audio portion of the webcast. What’s wrong?

First, make sure your computer has internal or external speakers. Once verified, check your volume settings. To check your computer volume, adjust the volume slider and make sure “mute” isnt activated. You may also need to test your external computer speakers and adjust the volume settings on them.

The audio and video keep cutting out. What should I do?

Make sure you don’t have any other browsers or Internet applications open and that you have a sufficient, stable Internet connection. If your computer is connected wirelessly, please consider connecting it via an Ethernet cable. If you continue to have problems, please call us at 800.822.4194.

What are the system requirements to view a webcast?

This information is maintained by Adobe. Check out: http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/tech-specs.html 
-Use of Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, or Safari, Chrome.
-Security and privacy settings set to allow Adobe Connect to run.
-Flash security settings set to allow communication with Adobe Connect servers.
-Pop-up blockers set to allow Adobe Connect domains.
-Adobe Flash plug-in version 8 or higher installed.
-Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better.
-Speaker or headphones and a sound card capable of playing streaming audio.
-Processor speed of 1.0 GHz or better with 256 MB RAM.
-1.0mbs Internet connection per session of the webcast.

What does it mean if I hear an echo?

You may have two webcast windows open. Hit ALT+TAB to cycle through open windows and close the extra webcast.