Western CPE FAQ

What are your sponsor ID numbers?

Our sponsor ID numbers that you might need to list on your reporting form are:
  • NASBA Registry: 103220
  • Texas: 006477
  • New York: 001353
  • Hawaii: 14007
  • Illinois: 158001480
  • Florida Ethics Provider: 0003728
  • CFP® Professional: 3199
  • CTEC® Provider ID: 2071
  • IRS: 0MYXB

Does Western CPE offer credits qualifying for the IRS’s Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)?

Western CPE offers credits qualifying for the IRS’s Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). However, we don’t offer the AFTR refresher course. Please look in the compliance section of each course description to see if specific courses are registered with the IRS.

What is Western CPE’s CPE credit measurement based on?

CPE credit measurement is based on NASBA’s Registry guidelines of 1 CPE credit for every 50 minutes.

Certain states might still base their CPE credits on 100-minute hours. If you’re uncertain of your state’s specific CPE requirements, your state board of accountancy can provide you the information you need.

What NASBA delivery methods are offered by Western CPE?

We offer the following delivery methods:
  • Conferences—Group live
  • In-House Training—Group live (please see Corporate Solutions)
  • Webcasts—Group Internet-based
  • Online and hard copy courses—QAS Self-Study
  • OnDemand Webcast courses—QAS Self-Study

Do your courses have prerequisites?

Basic and overview level courses do not have prerequisites. Prerequisites for intermediate, advanced, and update level courses are listed in Course Overview sections.

Do your courses require advanced preparation?

Western CPE courses do not require advanced preparation unless otherwise noted in Course Overview sections.

What is considered a passing score on a final exam? Are there any exceptions?

In order to be awarded a certificate of completion, you must pass the final exam with a minimum score of 70%. All courses require a 70% score to pass unless otherwise noted in the course details; however, because each state varies, please contact your state board.

Do your courses provide CLE or CLU credits?

Western CPE is an approved provider for CLE credits for the State Bar of California. Total credit hours are 13.75 for the live seminar and webcast formats of the 2016–2017 Federal & California Tax Update. All 16 hours must be attended to earn CLE credit. None of our courses provide CLU credits. 

Does Western CPE report my credits to the IRS?

A course that is registered with the IRS (will have an IRS Course #) and has been completed by an EA or an OTRP will be reported directly to the IRS as required by all providers. In order for your CE to be reported to the IRS, ensure that your first name, last name, and PTIN match your IRS registration information. Your PTIN must begin with the letter P followed by eight numeric characters. If your name and PTIN are incorrectly entered, you may still receive a certificate, but your credit will not be reported to the IRS timely. To ensure your CPE hours are reported, call Western CPE’s Customer Care at 800.822.4194 and provide your PTIN number, as well as the first and last name you are registered under with the IRS to our Customer Care representative.

Do your courses provide CE credits for CFP® professionals?

If you are a CFP® professional, you can receive CE credits for all our course offerings that are identified as being “accepted by CFP Board” in course descriptions on this website or in our catalogs. (CFP Board sponsor ID 3199.)

Are Western CPE courses accepted in my state?

Western CPE is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a member of the registry.

New York and Texas require sponsors to individually register with their states as continuing education sponsors. We are registered sponsors in New York (sponsor ID number 001353) and Texas (sponsor ID number 006477). We have registered with the Texas State Board of Accountancy as a CPE sponsor. This registration does not constitute an endorsement by the Texas State Board of Accountancy as to the quality of our CPE programs.

CPE credits in different states may vary; please check with your state board of accountancy.

Does my state consider your courses to be interactive?

Western CPE complies with NASBA standards for interactivity; however, the requirements of individual states may vary. Please contact your state board for final ruling.

Do your courses meet the California 4-CPE-credit fraud requirement?

Because California does not “preapprove” courses from any CPE provider, we have noted the courses on our website that follow the California State Board of Accountancy’s fraud CPE guidelines. Please refer to the Compliance section of course details for information.

Does the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy accept courses from Western CPE? If so, why isn’t Western CPE listed as an approved provider on the board’s website?

The New Jersey State Board of Accountancy lists only New Jersey approved providers on its website. NASBA providers are not required to register with the state board and thus will not be listed. Western CPE, as a NASBA provider, is accepted by the New Jersey State Board; however, our webcasts are NOT considered “didactic instruction.” They will count toward a New Jersey CPA’s total CPE requirement, but not toward the New Jersey 60-hour didactic minimum.

Can I use my Self-Study Pass or Self-Study + Webcast Pass for any self-study or webcast course?

Self-Study or Self-Study + Webcast Passes can be used to access most courses. All Tax Update courses are excluded for these Passes. To include access to Federal Tax Update, Federal & California Tax Update, or Mid-Year Tax Update courses, purchase the Tax Update PLUS Pass.