2022 California Federal Tax Update

Live Tax Seminar

Exclusive: GGSEA

Location Details:

  • San Francisco | December 9th, 2022 (8:00 am - 4:30 pm)
  • Free Lunch (11:40 am - 12:40 pm)
  • Venue (S. San Francisco Conference Center)

What's Included:

  • 28 Total Credits Available (8 Live & 20 Webcast Credits)
  • 8 Total Courses Available (4 Live & 4 Webcast Courses)
  • The Most Trusted California Federal Tax Update Manual (Print & Digital)
  • Free Live CPE ( 2 Free Live Courses Included)
  • Free Amenities (Parking, Breakfast, Lunch, and Drinks)
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To Win Tax Season, You Need a Better Tax Update.

Each Tax Season brings new challenges, and Tax professionals in California experience more complexity. California has its own unique headaches, and its professionals still need to deal with the full weight of all the Federal Tax danger zones. That’s why thousands of California Tax Professionals turn to Western CPE to get an update that helps them win every day of Tax Season.

Expert Content

Our practicing experts will get you ready for every day of Tax Season. 
  • Help your clients avoid California Tax problems with the FTB
  • Be able to explain why more Businesses will owe California Taxes
  • Find peace and solve that inevitable emergency

Built-in Convenience

Get added features to tackle unnecessary hassles.
  • Tax Season can feel like a sprint and a marathon with no days off
  • Life happens, work needs to be done, and that client called
  • We built FlexCast to help you get your time and sanity back this Tax Season

Support & Community

Confidently face the storms of Tax Season…becasue we have your back.
  • Your work isn’t movie-star glamorous, but it seriously matters.
  • Our Montana-based team is here to patiently help you and, more importantly, cheer you on toward success.
  • We win Tax Season when you feel prepared. That’s what drives us.

About the Tax Seminar

You’ll experience Western CPE’s comprehensive and exhaustively detailed California Federal Tax Update that proves you can get smart explanations without dying of boredom or getting lost in an over-complicated explanation.

Total Credits:


Live Credits:


Webcast Credits:


CPE Topics:



After Event

Details: Live CPE HOURs

Designation CPE Hours
CPA 8 Tax
CFP 8 Tax
EA 3 hours Federal Tax Update, 2 Federal Tax Law
CRTP (CTEC) 3 hours Federal Tax Update, 2 Federal Tax Law, 3 State Hours
Attorney* ~6.75 General MCLE Hours
*May need to self-report/register course with State

Live Courses

Live Courses

California Federal Tax Update: Live Primer - PART 1

3 Credits | 8:00 am to 10:40 am | Taught by Sharon Kreider, CPA

Join Sharon Kreider, CPA, our resident Tax Authority, as she covers key highlights from our Federal Tax Update.

Tax Planning for the Ultra-Wealthy

1 Credit | 10:50 am to 11:40 am | Taught by Karen Brosi, EA, CFP (Included Free)

Cost Segregation Primer

1 Credit | 12:50 pm to 1:40 pm | Taught by the Cost Segregation Authority (Included Free)

California Federal Tax Update: Live Primer - PART 2

3 Credits | 1:50 pm to 4:30 pm | Taught by Karen Brosi, EA, CFP 

Join Karen Brosi, EA, CFP, our California SME, as she prepares you to conquer California’s unique Tax challenges.

Webcast Courses

The California Federal Tax Update | Complete Collection: 2022

Individual Edition

Focused to Help You Stand Out | 8 Credits: 2 Parts (4 credits each) | FlexCast Included

Business Edition

Proven to Help You Stay on Top | 8 Credits: 2 Parts (4 credits each) | FlexCast Included

California Edition

Conquer California’s Tax Challenges | 4 Credits | FlexCast Included

About the Location

With Tax Seminars in Northern and Southern California, you don’t need to worry about Tax Season. Go Western CPE, and experience the best learning live. 

San Fransico

  • South San Francisco Conference Center
  • Free Parking, Breakfast, Sponsored Lunch, Drinks
  • Engaged & Attentive Staff at your service
  • 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Lunch: 11:40 pm to 12:40 pm)
  • December 9th, 2022

What You'll Learn