On-Demand Video Library for Tax Practitioners

Western CPE maintains a robust on-demand video library where tax practitioners can get the latest updates on tax changes and best practices.

A Discussion of Trump's Business Tax Proposals

Tax expert Vern Hoven, CPA, MT, discusses President Trump's business tax proposals, which include five significant areas of business tax reform.

Identity Theft and Tax Scams

Vern Hoven addresses top scams aimed at tax preparers and their clients including phishing scams, phone scams and identity theft. You'll learn how to protect yourself and your clients.

Foreign Bank and Asset Reporting

Why are there a requirement to report foreign assets and why are the penalties so high? We're going to take a look at two regimes on reporting foreign assets.

Self-Directed IRAs 

If we have any area that is causing a little bit of consternation for tax preparers, it is in the area of self-directed IRAs.

Tax Ramifications of Divorce

In a divorce, if the division of the marital assets is a non- taxable event. The problem is when it says it's a not-taxable event, it's treated like a gift. Most certainly it isn't a gift. 

Tax Ramifications of Medical Marijuana

We could deduct the cost of goods sold because we have court cases. We can't deduct the selling cost and the travel and the entertainment and the other below the cost of goods sold by deduction.