2023 California Tax Update

6 Credits: Taxes


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2023 California Tax Update

Course Level
CPE Credits

6 Credits: Taxes

Course Description

Experience America’s most comprehensive California Federal Tax Update live and in action with our renowned tax expert, Karen Brosi. By combining the real-life experience of practicing CPAs with cutting-edge tax planning strategies, Western CPE provides you with essential knowledge while reviewing IRS, Congressional, and Judicial actions over the past year. Citing the latest legislative developments while clarifying which tax reforms pertain to California tax practitioners, our intensive update will enable participants to quickly understand and implement tax reform changes for their client’s Individual and Business preparations. Each tax season brings new challenges, and tax professionals in California experience more complexity. That’s why thousands of California Tax Professionals turn to Western CPE to get an update that helps them win every day of tax season. Be prepared for California’s unique tax fights, and always have the answers for your clients. Whether you’re a new Tax CPA or an Expert Tax Advisor, you’ll receive critical updates and in-depth explanations behind the changes Congress and the IRS make. You’ll receive the most complete and up-to-date reference manual written by our renowned tax experts. In addition, the digital PDF manual is hyperlinked to the Internal Revenue Code, tax court decisions, and other primary authorities, making it extremely convenient.  California has its own unique headaches, and its financial professionals still need to deal with the full weight of all the Federal Tax danger zones. Join us as our world-class tax instructors share cutting-edge, California-specific tax planning strategies.

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify requirements for various tax credits applicable to individual taxpayers and characteristics of new legislation passed to assist businesses. Help your clients avoid California Tax problems with FTB and be able to explain why more businesses will owe California taxes;
  • Cite general rules and regulations for preparation of individual, business returns, and breeze through California Tax Basis work for LLCs and partnerships;
  • Cite current thresholds and phase-outs for key provisions for 2022; limitations for contributions, distributions, and conversions; requirements for real estate rentals for both small investors and real estate professionals; as well as benefits and drawbacks of Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs);
  • Identify key rules and regulations for IRAs, Roths, and qualified retirement plans; requirements and thresholds related to foreign financial asset reporting; tax issues for online rentals, vacation rentals, and like-kind exchanges; as well as capital loss v. ordinary loss on sale of property; and
  • Describe new developments in IRS policies and procedures.
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Meet The Experts

Karen Brosi Headshot

Karen Brosi, CFP, EA, has an extensive California tax practice, advising clients in individual tax and family wealth planning, specializing in complex individual income tax matters and all types of securities transactions. Her background as a CFP and as a tax preparer for the wealthy makes her particularly effective in the tax and financial planning arenas. Karen teaches tax professionals how to avoid tax minefields with her extensive planning checklists and practical tips. Besides being one of the most prominent California tax update instructors, she’s a favorite interviewee on radio, television, and in print media, such as Bloomberg Businessweek. Karen’s powerful real-life …

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