Matthew X. Ryan, CPA, CFE, MBA

Matthew X. Ryan, CPA, CFE, MBA, is currently a co-owner of a management consulting firm specializing in turnarounds, workouts, crisis management, strategic planning, and economic forecasting for companies ranging from manufacturing start-ups to established service organizations. He has additional experience in both alternative investment and public accounting as well as extensive experience in risk analysis and operations management.

Matt currently serves on the board of directors of a regional nonprofit organization and volunteers with numerous other nonprofits throughout the United States. He also participates in numerous political organizations in western Pennsylvania.

Outside of his consulting work, Matt is a captain in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard with over 12 years of service in the military. He currently serves as the company commander for a logistics/distribution unit based in central Pennsylvania. Previous roles include work in the operations section of a brigade support battalion, where Matt was involved in planning logistics, maintenance, medical, and communications support for a brigade of over 4,000 personnel. In 2009, Matt deployed to Iraq where he served dual roles as the executive officer of a medical unit and as the medical logistics officer for the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team.

Matt holds a BS in finance from the Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s a certified fraud examiner and certified public accountant in Pennsylvania, and he teaches at Western CPE conferences.

Matthew X. Ryan Headshot