(Wiley) Evan Stubbs

Evan Stubbs lives in Sydney, Australia, one of the few places in the world where a 30-hour flight itinerary fails to raise even a single eyebrow. His childhood was mainly spent (often unsuccessfully) avoiding brain-controlling parasites, civil war, and biblical floods. He now spends most of his spare time filling in bandicoot holes in his backyard, avoiding murderous redback spiders, writing, and otherwise keeping life (somewhat less) interesting. He’s also the chief analytics officer for SAS Australia/New Zealand and sits on the board of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia.

Evan is a prolific speaker and evangelist for the power of analytics. He’s the author of The Value of Business Analytics, a book (one of three he has written) that explains why some teams succeed while others fail. Over his career, he’s developed human–machine interfaces for concept cars, models that predict criminal behavior, and helped leadership teams navigate uncertainty.

Evan Stubbs Headshot