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Conference Pricing

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Pick your days or your passport. Choose the total number of conference days you'd like to attend in 2018 and make one purchase. The more you choose, the more you save.

1-DAY PASS                             2- DAY PASS                           3-DAY PASS

$549                                       $949                                         $1,249

Traveler Passport

3-Day Pass + $200/day  

4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
$1,449 $1,649 $1,849*
Please note: this pricing table was printed incorrectly in our October 2017 catalog.
The correct pricing is reflected on our website.

Explorer Passport

6-Day Pass + $150/day
7 Days 8 Days 9 Days 10 Days
$1,999 $2,149 $2,299 $2,449

Save Now, Choose Later: A Western CPE Exclusive!

With so many amazing CPE Conference locations, we know it can be difficult to choose! If you're still not sure, but don't want to miss out on special discount offers, you can Save Now, Choose Later!

How it Works

      1. REVIEW our amazing resort destinations and decide to attend one or more of our CPE Conferences this year!

      2. CHOOSE how many days you'd like to attend -- even if you're not sure yet which location(s) are right for you. This allows you to take advantage for special savings. Space is limited at some locations, so we suggest you pick your potential destinations as soon as possible.

      3. REGISTER for Save Now, Choose Later online. You'll save your spot, and lock in your price. 

      4. CONTACT US contact us to select your location and specific courses you'd like to attend. Provide the name of any guests who will be with you.


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NOTE: Save Now, Choose Later conference registration fees cannot be carried over to a subsequent year. Unfortunately, if you choose not to attend a conference in the year you've purchased Save Now, Choose later, your registration payment will be forfeited. 

Group Discounts

Attend a Western CPE Conference with your team! Choose the same or different conference destinations and still qualify for the group discount.

5-9 People: 5% off   |   10-19 People: 10% off   |    20+ People: 15% off  

Call (844) 690-2167 for more details or to register.