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Alaska Cruise Conference
July 24, 2019
3:00PM - 5:50PM
Ray Thompson, CBA, CFM, CMA
Live Event
Experience with accounting and financial reporting

Course Description

The amount of change in the accounting profession is staggering, making it difficult for the average CPA to keep up. In this upbeat course, instructor Ray Thompson brings his unique presentation style to the classroom. Learn about the latest accounting pronouncements, future issues, and alternatives to GAAP, all presented in a clear and practical fashion. Course topics will be updated on an ongoing basis throughout the year. After attending this course, you will be informed of the latest trends, standards, and updates in accounting today.

Course Specifics

Experience with accounting and financial reporting

Compliance Information

Qualifies for CA Fraud: No

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the most significant challenges facing financial reporting today.
  • Apply the lessons learned on implementing the new revenue standards from those who have adopted it early.
  • Understand how accounting for financial; instruments and credit losses is changing.
  • Identify other changes to the standards that are on FASB's horizon.
  • Apply the main provisions of the new standards for not-for-profit entities.

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