Conferences Presenting

British Isles Cruise Conference
June 18, 2018
3:00PM - 5:50PM
Doug Stives, CPA
Live Event
There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Description

This course analyzes popular tax planning ideas with an emphasis on tax-free employee benefits. We also examine several popular benefits such as insurance and retirement plans along with some infrequently used techniques to provide tax-free benefits to employees, such as giving assets to charities, tax-free use of vehicles, and arranging for the government to subsidize medical costs. We will discuss how to enjoy travel and entertainment with the government as your partner without inviting an audit.

Course Specifics

There are no prerequisites for this course

Compliance Information

Qualifies for CA Fraud: No

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how employers can retain dedicated employees with a well-planned benefits program
  • Discuss various non-traditional business deductions
  • Know the rules to make travel and entertainment affordable and audit proof
  • Understand foreign travel and cruise ship rules

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