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Course Description

Effective written communication is an essential skill for financial professionals. Whether you are interacting with clients or sending interoffice emails, your ability to clearly, concisely convey your message is critical. However, the meaning of your message can be lost, misinterpreted, or muddled due to small errors. In Steps to Successful Business Writing for Accounting Professionals, Jack Appleman presents simple strategies and techniques that you can use to avoid common mistakes, improve your writing, and clarify your message. Specifically, this course focuses on concision, organization, rhythm, tone, and grammar, and how each of these concepts can be employed to help you clarify your intended meaning. You'll also learn how to manage your email, thereby reducing unneeded messages, making your messages more productive, and minimizing the time you spend sending and reading email.


Jack Appleman, CBC

Jack Appleman, CBC, author of 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing (2008, ASTD Press), one of Amazon’s top-selling business writing books, is committed to helping working professionals achieve better results with their writing. His business writing workshops, CPE-credit writing courses/webinars, and one-on-one coaching for accounting firms as well as for major companies, such as HBO, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, and have consistently earned outstanding evaluations.

As principal of Successful Business Writing, Jack brings more than 20 years’ experience as a corporate trainer, professor, and public relations specialist. He has been a featured speaker before state CPA societies and has published several articles on the importance of good writing. These include a column on how effective communication helps CPAs work more productively that was published in The Business Edge. A 2012 story in The Wall Street Journal cited him and included his grammar quiz. Then, a 2014 Wall Street Journal article quoted him on email strategies.

Jack is also an adjunct professor of communication at Manhattan College. He holds the Certified Business Communicator (CBC) designation and is a past president of the Northern New Jersey chapter of the Association for Talent Development. Jack earned his BA in communication from Ohio State University and his MS in journalism from Ohio University.

Course Specifics

Management Adv Services
Feb 3, 2016
There are no prerequisites.

Compliance Information

Qualifies for CA Fraud: No

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Chapter 1

  • Recognize how to write more concisely by eliminating redundancies and unneeded text.
  • Identify when to use a more natural and conversational style of writing.
  • Recognize what is clear, explicit text so readers understand your message as quickly as possible.

Chapter 2

  • Identify how text should flow from start to finish.
  • Cite ways to create a more consistent pattern throughout your documents.
  • Recognize ways to use bulleted text more effectively.

Chapter 3

  • Identify ways to separate text into manageable chunks.
  • Recognize when to use explicit subheads to maintain readers' interest.
  • Identify overviews that effectively frame the rest of the document.

Chapter 4

  • Cite ways professionalism is conveyed to supervisors, peers, subordinates, clients, and other audiences.
  • Identify constructive criticism without being condescending.
  • Recognize how to modify text based on the reader.

Chapter 5

  • Identify the most important grammar rules.
  • Recognize how to avoid the most common grammar errors.
  • Cite the keys for improving your syntax.

Chapter 6

  • Identify ways to reduce the number of unneeded email messages.
  • Cite ways to craft more productive email messages.
  • Recognize concepts that encourage readers to take action on your emails sooner.

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