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October 22, 2018
11:00AM - 1:00PM ET


October 26, 2018
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Course Description

Many think payment fraud could never happen at their organizations. Unfortunately, the numbers tell a different story. Eventually, every single organization will come into the spotlight of one or more crooks. Without the proper precautions, the fraudsters will succeed. Complicating the issue is the fact that whether we like to admit it or not, the risk is both internal and external. What's more, the rules continually change as crooks adjust to the fraud protections developed by the business community and find new ways to get their hands on your money. While you can probably never stop crooks from trying to steal from you or your clients, you can make it so difficult they turn their efforts elsewhere. The session will include statistics from the recent AP Now Payment Fraud survey so you can evaluate your own processes.


Mary S. Schaeffer, MBA

Mary S. Schaeffer, MBA, has the inimitable ability to find accounts-payable-related solutions that really work—without making a major dent in the bottom line. Armed with a degree in math and a graduate degree in finance, she takes a “roll up your sleeves and dig into the details” approach to finding solutions to those problems that cause migraines for CFOs, controllers, and managers.

Fifteen years spent researching and writing about payment issues gives Mary a unique vantage point. Combine that with an almost equal amount of time spent in the corporate trenches of several large finance and treasury departments, and you’ll understand why she’s become known as America’s leading accounts payable expert.

A wide variety of institutions have taken advantage of her unique expertise: John Wiley & Sons has published over a dozen of her books; CRYSTALLUS, Inc. relies on her know-how to direct its professional publication, training, and consulting business; and the Institute of Financial Operations (IFO) turned to her to serve as its editor-in-chief, steering cutting-edge commentary into its Financial Ops magazine. She also developed the IFO’s Innovating Accounts Payable certificate program.

Mary shares her expertise in a variety of venues, giving 1-day seminars, as a guest speaker at regional and national events, and online in 25–30 webinars each year. For Western CPE, she produces self-study courses and webcasts.

She has a BS in mathematics from York College (CUNY) and an MBA in finance from New York University.

Course Specifics

Apr 17, 2017

Compliance Information

Qualifies for CA Fraud: No

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Implement best practices are for preventing and detecting p-card, check wire transfer, and ACH fraud
  • Protect your organization against the newest types of payment fraud
  • Identify the types of payment frauds likely to impact your organization
  • Describe seven common myths that often lull an organization into thinking they don't have to take action against payment fraud
  • Evaluate the different fraud protection products offered by the banking community
  • Recognize the proper controls within your organization so you can stop employee fraud
  • Identify a p-card program that will make potential employee fraud almost negligible
  • Recognize how to prevent various payment frauds
  • Identify who strong internal controls and appropriate segregation of duties apply to
  • Recognize bank products which will determine if an ACH debit had been initiated by an authorized party
  • Identify best and worst practices for deterring fraud
  • Describe another term for Business Email Compromise fraud
  • Identify best practices when it comes to employees so as to detect an ongoing fraud

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