Experience with data assembly and analysis

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Your business generates reams of data, but what do you do with it? Reporting is only the beginning. Your data holds the key to innovation and growth - you just need the proper analytics. In Big Data, Big Innovation, Evan Stubbs explores the potential profits hiding in your unmined data. As Chief Analytics Officer for SAS Australia/New Zealand, Stubbs brings an industry insider's perspective to guide you through pattern recognition, analysis, and implementation.

Effective management means combining data, people, and analytics to create a synergistic force for innovation and growth. If you want your company to move forward with confidence, this course can show you how to use what you already have and acquire what you need to succeed. Big Data, Big Innovation, details a groundbreaking approach to ensuring your company's upward trajectory. Use this guide to leverage your customer information, financial reports, performance metrics, and more to build a rock-solid foundation for future growth.


Evan Stubbs

Evan Stubbs lives in Sydney, Australia, one of the few places in the world where a 30-hour flight itinerary fails to raise even a single eyebrow. His childhood was mainly spent (often unsuccessfully) avoiding brain-controlling parasites, civil war, and biblical floods. He now spends most of his spare time filling in bandicoot holes in his backyard, avoiding murderous redback spiders, writing, and otherwise keeping life (somewhat less) interesting. He’s also the chief analytics officer for SAS Australia/New Zealand and sits on the board of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia.

Evan is a prolific speaker and evangelist for the power of analytics. He’s the author of The Value of Business Analytics, a book (one of three he has written) that explains why some teams succeed while others fail. Over his career, he’s developed human–machine interfaces for concept cars, models that predict criminal behavior, and helped leadership teams navigate uncertainty.

Course Specifics

Dec 19, 2017
Experience with data assembly and analysis

Compliance Information

Qualifies for CA Fraud: No

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Chapter 1

  • Cite the role of business analytics regarding the future of innovation.
  • Identify how effective leadership can affect positive change.

Chapter 2

  • Identify the five key trends impacting the next decade.

Chapter 3

  • Name the five perspectives that organizations go through on their way to differentiation through business analytics as a part of the cultural imperative.
  • Identify the behaviors and attitudes of high-performing organizations.
  • Identify how to avoid inefficiencies, delays, and unacceptable risks as you move your company towards the cultural imperative.
  • Identify how to move your organization through functional innovation and improvement into revolutionary innovation and disruption.

Chapter 4

  • Identify the technical characteristics of large organizations with centralized technology infrastructures that transition from chaos to the intelligent enterprise.

Chapter 5

  • Cite how to structure teams and manage associated costs.
  • Identify various interaction models and the common services offered.

Chapter 6

  • Define types of value organizational teams need to create.
  • Identify responsibilities of groups and cite the major activities these groups should perform.

Chapter 7

  • Cite how to use a human capital model to assess, develop, and retain staff.
  • Identify capabilities and role types within your organization.

Chapter 8

  • Identify how you can implement the innovation engine to link big data, analyticsm, and human capital to create dynamic value.

Chapter 9

  • Identify how to create a plan for business analytics that begins and ends with a vision.

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