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Mark A. Filippell, JD, MBA

Mark A. Filippell, JD, MBA, is a cofounder and managing director at Western Reserve Partners, a firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. He has nearly 30 years of investment banking experience and has personally completed over 125 merger and acquisition transactions. Mark is the author of Mergers and Acquisitions Playbook: Lessons from the Middle-Market Trenches, published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Prior to cofounding Western Reserve Partners, he was the manager of the Mergers and Acquisitions Department at KeyBanc Capital Markets and McDonald Investments. His clients have included Eaton, Novar Electronics, Claymont Steel Holdings, Liqui-Box, General Electric, Computational Systems, Excel Mining Systems, and MascoTech.
Mark A. Filippell, JD, MBA