Online MegaTax Library

Online MegaTax Library is a CPE subscription that gives you access to a library of relevant and up-to-date tax courses and reference materials when you need it. Take courses at your convenience and earn CPE for an additional $4-per-credit-hour grading fee.

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Courses Included

Course TitleInstructorCPE CreditsNASBA CategoryCourse InformationAdd to Cart
A Pocket Guide to Business Expense DeductionsDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
A Primer on Passive Loss RulesDanny Santucci, JD7Taxes
A Quick Guide to Retirement PlansDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
An Introduction to Interest and DebtDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Asset Protection StrategiesDanny Santucci, JD13Taxes
Asset Protection: Creative Ways to Keep What's YoursDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Automobile Tax Rules: Useful Methods, Expenses, and DeductionsDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Basic Guide to Partnership TaxationDanny Santucci, JD3Taxes
Basic Marital Tax MattersDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Building Your Small Business: A Tax PerspectiveDanny Santucci, JD24Taxes
Business Travel, Meal, and Entertainment DeductionsDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Choice of EntityDanny Santucci, JD20Taxes
Choosing the Right Business EntityDanny Santucci, JD3Taxes
Compensation, Retirement Plans, and Fringe Benefits: A Business Owner's GuideDanny Santucci, JD3Taxes
Concepts and Mechanics of ExchangesDanny Santucci, JD12Taxes
Corporate Tax Planning: Real World Tools and StrategiesDanny Santucci, JD20Taxes
Critical Legal and Tax Issues for Accountants Danny Santucci, JD24Taxes
Dealing with Debt and InterestDanny Santucci, JD15Taxes
Defensive DivorceDanny Santucci, JD9Taxes
Education Tax Benefits: Credits and DeductionsDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Estate Planning EssentialsDanny Santucci, JD9Taxes
Estate Planning FundamentalsDanny Santucci, JD17Taxes
Estate Planning: A Visual GuideDanny Santucci, JD5Taxes
Family Tax Planning: Quick Tips and Hot TopicsDanny Santucci, JD28Taxes
Fast Track Retirement PlanningDanny Santucci, JD13Taxes
Guide to Federal Corporate and Individual TaxationDanny Santucci, JD31Taxes
How to Plan for RetirementDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Introduction to Financial Tax PlanningDanny Santucci, JD12Taxes
Making the Best of Bad SituationsDanny Santucci, JD20Taxes
Matching Investments to Tax-Saving TechniquesDanny Santucci, JD12Taxes
Partnership Taxation: A Practical GuideDanny Santucci, JD7Taxes
Passive Loss and At-Risk RulesDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Quick Guide to S Corporation TaxationDanny Santucci, JD2Taxes
Special Real Estate Tax ProblemsDanny Santucci, JD18Taxes
Tax and Financial Planning for RetirementDanny Santucci, JD23Taxes
Tax Aspects of Special TaxpayersWilliam Roos12Taxes
Tax Planning for Sticky SituationsDanny Santucci, JD15Taxes
Tax Update Summary: 2015-2016Danny Santucci, JD3Taxes
The 1040 WorkshopDanny Santucci, JD23Taxes
The Complete Guide to Estate and Gift TaxationDanny Santucci, JD32Taxes
The Complete Guide to Fringe BenefitsDanny Santucci, JD20Taxes
The Ultimate Guide to Retirement PlanningDanny Santucci, JD26Taxes
Travel and Entertainment Deductions: Your Complete GuideDanny Santucci, JD11Taxes