Self-Study FAQ

I am under deadline and need my CPE now! How can you help me?

If you need CPE right away, we offer many online courses that can be downloaded after purchase through our online ordering system. You can receive your test results and certificate of completion immediately upon completing a course through our online grading system. We also offer a large selection of courses that can be shipped out via UPS express service for a fee. You can view which courses are in stock for immediate shipment and order online, which helps expedite your order.

Are Western CPE’s self-study courses QAS approved?

Yes, Western CPE is approved for the QAS self-study delivery method on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Since we’re approved for the QAS self-study delivery method, we’re no longer required to provide the three-digit QAS sponsor identification number. Courses in the Personal Development field of study are not part of the Quality Assurance Service.

What do I need to read the materials?

Most of our course materials are formatted as PDF documents. Click HERE to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view materials formatted as PDF. (Be sure to deselect the "additional offers" if you do not want the additional offers to download.)

How long do I have to complete my exam for CPE credit?

Per AICPA and NASBA Standards, QAS self-study courses must include an expiration date that is no longer than 1 year from the date of purchase.

I’m ready to take my exam and have it graded for CPE credit. What do I need to do?

Receiving your certificate of completion is fast and easy using our online testing and grading system. Just log in to your account and complete your exam. Once you pass, your certificate will be available to print via a link right below the exam. (This link is locked until you pass the exam.)

Our system will save your progress so you don’t have to complete an exam in one sitting. Faxed and mailed-in exams will be graded within 1 business day of receipt. Your certificate of completion and results will be emailed to you.

Are exams required for OnDemand Webcasts?

Yes. OnDemand Webcasts are QAS Self-Study courses that require exams.

Do you offer any buy-in-bulk discounts for self-study?

Yes! You can purchase 24 or 40 CPE credits at a discount with our Self-Study Pass and save significantly. 

If you would like to purchase self-study CPE for 10+ people in your firm or organization, please call 844.690.2167 toll free. Ask to speak to a Corporate Solutions representative for information and start saving today!

Can I use my Self-Study Pass or Self-Study + Webcast Pass for any self-study or webcast course?

Self-Study or Self-Study + Webcast Passes can be used to access most courses. All Tax Update courses are excluded for these Passes. To include access to Federal Tax Update, Federal & California Tax Update, or Mid-Year Tax Update courses, purchase the Tax Update PLUS Pass.

Do I need Internet access to take an online course? 

To access your course materials and to take exams, first log in to “My Account,” go to “My CPE” in the pull-down menu, and then “Click Here to Access Course Materials.” All courses for which you’re registered will be listed.

What time zone is used for time-stamping certificates of completion?

The time displayed on certificates of completion is eastern time.

Why does some information on your website not match what’s in my catalog?

We update our website daily with new information and course offerings; therefore, the website is the best source for up-to-date information. Policies, pricing, etc., on the website supersede information printed in our catalogs. If you’d like to request a current catalog, simply click on the “Request Catalog” link at the top of our home page.

I noticed that an online question in the final exam differs from the question that’s printed in my hard copy. Which question is the most up to date?

There may be times where a question needs to be updated based on customer feedback or poor testing results. In the event that a question differs from what is printed in the hard copy materials, customers should defer to the online question. Our online exam is the most current, up-to-date version.

What are your self-study shipping policies?

Unless expedited shipping* is requested, Western CPE ships most self-study courses via UPS ground. Orders received by 2:00 p.m. mountain time, Monday through Friday, will ship the same day. Ground orders may take up to 7 business days to arrive (adverse weather may cause delays). UPS will not deliver to post office boxes; therefore, a physical address is required. 

If you haven’t received your order in 7 business days, please call our office at 800.822.4194, weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. mountain time.

*Western CPE ships presale orders UPS ground regardless of shipping method requested at the time of initial order. Presale arrival dates are estimates only and arent guaranteed. If you’re facing time constraints due to an impending CPE deadline, please consider a self-study course that’s in stock.

Do all your self-study courses qualify for my conference Bonus CPE credits?

No. The following are excluded: Federal Tax Update and Federal & California Tax Update courses; courses by Karen Brosi, Claudia Hill, Vern Hoven, Sharon Kreider, and Robert E. McKenzie; and other “premier” courses.

Does the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy accept courses from Western CPE? If so, why isn’t Western CPE listed as an approved provider on the board’s website?

The New Jersey State Board of Accountancy only lists non-NASBA-approved providers on its website. NASBA-approved providers are considered automatically accepted.